Working with Dr. Trust

Health Coaching for Individuals and Small Groups
Meet Dr. Trust for a $15 for 15 Minute Consult

Working with Dr. Trust

Health Coaching for Individuals and Small Groups
Meet Dr. Trust for a $15 for 15 Minute Consult

$15 for 15 Minute Consult

What you receive: This one-on-one conversation with Dr. Rhonda Trust, PhD will help to set your goals. Payment is made prior to the consultation and then a mutually agreed on time and date will be set. This is the best way to get started with Dr. Trust as it lays the framework for how to build a solid wellness plan. It is recommended that everyone start with the $15 for 15 Minute consultation before choosing another service as it guarantees that you can get the most out of having Dr. Trust as your Health Coach.

Investment to Health: $15

The Cupboard Cleanse

What you receive:   A transformative session in the heart of your home with Dr. Trust by your side to change the way you see food labels. This will set the foundation for healthy living. A 2 hour investigation into your kitchen cupboard, refrigerator, and freezer. This can be done virtually or in person. You and Dr. Trust will explore your food items, analyze the labels and make a plan to replace items with healthier options. At the conclusion of this session a detailed grocery list will be produced.

Investment to Health: $199

Optional add on: Grocery trip with Dr. Trust (in person or virtual)

Optional add on grocery trip: $75 per hour

Trust Healthy Coaching

What you receive: Personalized coaching for individuals and/or small groups (i.e. family members) staged in a multiple-week experience with Dr. Trust that will change your lifestyle. Within this plan you will have multiple options to select. After a consult with Dr. Trust, you will decide which options will help you reach your health and wellness goals. Ultimately, at the conclusion of this program you will have the self-trust, efficacy and confidence to continue on with your new healthy lifestyle change.

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Public Speaking and Corporate Team Building

What you receive: Dr. Trust has been teaching health communication and public speaking at the college and university level for over twenty years. She presents on the topics of conscious Eating and Healthy Choices for a Busy Lifestyle to small groups, universities, corporations, and businesses. Keeping employees healthy is key! When you have a healthy organization this means less sick time taken for employees, overall physical and mental health for the company and overall employee satisifaction. You empower employees when you empower their health!

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“Rhonda is a passionate advocate for clean, healthy living and building the immune system and physique through diet, exercise, and good decision making.  And her oatmeal bars are the tastiest too! She is a gem with great energy and a positive outlook that is contagious!”

Nick, busy working Dad of 2

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