Health and Wellness Public Speaking and Corporate Team Building

Contact Dr. Trust for Pricing and More Info

Health and Wellness Public Speaking and Corporate Team Building

Contact Dr. Trust for Pricing and More Info

Public Speaking and Corporate Team Building

What you receive: Dr. Trust has been teaching health communication and public speaking at the college and university level for over twenty years. She presents on the topics of conscious Eating and Healthy Choices for a Busy Lifestyle to small groups, universities, corporations, and businesses. Keeping employees healthy is key! When you have a healthy organization this means less sick time taken for employees, overall physical and mental health for the company and overall employee satisifaction. You empower employees when you empower their health!

Currently there are 3 options:

Breakroom Pantry: Powerfood or Junkfood?

Dr. Trust can provide analysis to your corporate breakroom pantry. Are you providing employees with healthy snacks to keep them energized and focused, or snacks that will lower their productivity?

Teambuilding Events: Kitchen Fun

Dr. Trust has worked as a corporate teambuilder and would love to have your next corporate team building event in the kitchen or breakroom where she can conduct fun food prep activities for the entire team.

Speaking Events

Dr. Trust is an experienced public speaker. Her energy for health and wellness is contagious. She will present a passionate presentation to your team about any health, nutrition and wellness topic of your choice.

Investment to Health: Fees vary based on type of event and/or speaking engagement. Please contact Dr. Trust for details.

Featured In:

“Rhonda is a passionate advocate for clean, healthy living and building the immune system and physique through diet, exercise, and good decision making.  And her oatmeal bars are the tastiest too! She is a gem with great energy and a positive outlook that is contagious!”

Nick, busy working Dad of 2

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